Test Stand PCE-DLT 10

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With the evaporation cabinet PCE DLT 10, the water vapour resistance of samples is tested according to AMK-MB-005 Issued on 04/2015 Humidity and Climatic Resistance Test Module 1 (water vapour loading). This test simulates the conditions of cooking hobs or dishwashers. The samples to be tested are vertically suspended in the narrow area of the PCE DLT 10 material test chamber. Then you have to steam the sample for 3 cycles of 30 minutes and leave it to dry for 30 minutes outside the device. After the test, the samples are to be assessed visually and haptically for damage such as swelling, joint formation and detachment. The aim of this test with the evaporation cabinet PCE DLT 10 is to prevent any swelling, joint formation or edge / film detachment on the test piece. The quality of the joint determines the component quality. A closed joint prevents the penetration of moisture.

Test method Based on AMK-MB-005 (04/2015)
Temperature control range automatic 50 … 52 °C
Heating capacity 3000 W
Measurement display Colour Touch LCD
Measurement memory 1.5 GB (> 1 million measured values)
Storage rate max. 10 Hz (adjustable)
Interface USB (for USB stick)
Ethernet (optionally selectable)
Temperature sensor PT100 class A 4 conductors
Power supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Dimensions 1130 x 720 x 690 mm
Weight ca. 36 kg