Milk specific gravity Refractometer PAL-MILK SG

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The specific gravity for normal raw milk (Jersey cows excluded) is 1.027 to 1.035 (average 1.032 (15°C)).
According to the Ministerial Ordinance on Milk, specific gravity is compositional standard for the index of normal milk. This includes raw milk, cow`s milk, specialty milk, low-fat milk, as well as fat-free milk.
Hydrometers (specific gravity meters) are made of glass, which makes them easy to break and hard to clean. ATAGO`s digital meter for specific gravity can be used safely with no fear of breakage!

Cat.No. 3862
Range Milk S.G. 1.008~1.036
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy ±0.001
Temperature compensation 5~40°C
Common Specifications
Sample Volume 2 to 3 drops
Measurement Time About 3 seconds
Power Supply 2 × AAA Batteries
International Protection Class IP65 Water resistant
Dimensions & Weight 5.5 × 3.1 × 10.9cm 100g (main unit only)