VISCO™ Temp Controller Complete UL set VISCO

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A lightweight and compact constant temperature device that does not require water circulation. This product can be used with VISCO / VISCO-895. It can be used widely from low viscosity to high viscosity. This product does not include the viscometer body, so it must be purchased separately.

Model Temp Controller Complete UL set VISCO
Cat.No. 6903
Temperature setting range Temperature range 5℃~90℃
(Upper limit Ambient temperature+50℃、Lower limit Ambient temperature-10℃)
Power Supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight Main unit:130(W)×130(D)×162(H)mm Approx.2.6kg
Operation part:130(W)×130(D)×82(H)mm Approx.1.2kg