Your Benefits

  • The fast response time of the WLG means that increased conveyor speeds can be used
  • Increased availability thanks to the reliable detection of transparent objects
  • Savings in terms of cost and space thanks to the use of a reflector
  • A polarizing filter increases process reliability when working with reflective surfaces
  • Visible red light reduces mounting time
  • Multiple outputs enable the detection of the object position and size for improved system control



The WLG is a retro-reflective light grid with a 100 mm detection height and transmission 8 LEDs. Detecting damaged pallets, leading edge detection, checking the edges of material webs and detecting and sorting bottles are the typical areas of application of the WLG. At the same time, depending on the set sensitivity, the WLG detects objects which are only 6 mm large at a distance of 0.4 m. Transparent objects and reflective surfaces are also reliably detected.


At a glance
  • 0.6 ms response time
  • Eight visible transmitter LEDs
  • Up to eight PNP switching outputs and one alarm output
  • Sensitivity can be set via a potentiometer
  • Polarizing filter for reflective surfaces