testo 883-2 – Thermal imager (320 x 240 pixels) with 42° lens and accessories

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  • Image quality with IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 × 480 pixels)
  • Thermal sensitivity <0.04 °C
  • Full control: Manual focus, wide-angle lens and interchangeable telephoto lens (optional)
  • Free analysis software for creating professional reports
  • App for analysis and creating on-site measurement reports


Best image quality, professional image analysis, easy creation of professional reports and the wide-angle lens make the thermal imager testo 883-2 the perfect partner for building energy consultants.

All the important information about the thermal imager testo 883-2

  • IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640 x 480 pixels), manual focus and a very good NETD of 40 mK all ensure the best image quality – so you can reliably detect thermal abnormalities in installations and buildings
  • testo IRSoft: Analyze thermal images comprehensively with the intuitive, professional PC software and create impressive reports within a short period of time
  • testo ScaleAssist: Automatic contrast adjustment for objectively comparable thermal images and easier detection of weak spots
  • testo Thermography App: With the App, your smartphone/tablet becomes a second display and a remote control for your thermal imager. You can quickly create, send or save reports on site
  • Wide-angle lens for wider field of view in confined spaces
  • Interchangeable telephoto lens for far distant objects and outdoor recording
  • Manual focus for sharp thermal images from a distance of 10 cm
  • Can be operated via touchscreen and joystick
  • Wireless transmission of readings from clamp meter or humidity probe directly into the thermal image via Bluetooth®
Further benefits for building energy consultants
  • Produce a professional report quickly and easily: The report wizard guides you step by step through the report creation process using stored standard templates. Or you can use the report designer to create customized templates
  • Clever: The humidity mode visualizes the risk of mould at thermal weak spots directly in the thermal image using traffic light colours (red, yellow, green)
  • Smart: Thermography and live streaming – with the testo Thermography App, your customer can conveniently follow the measurement on a smartphone/tablet
  • Networked: Wireless transmission of readings from the optional humidity probe live in humidity mode – your values are always up to date, e.g. when you change rooms
  • Flexible: Wide-angle, interchangeable telephoto lenses and manual focus for sharper images and more accurate results from different distances

Delivery Scope

  • Thermal imager testo 883-2 with wide-angle lens 42° x 32°
  • Robust case
  • Professional software IRSoft (free download)
  • USB-C cable
  • USB mains unit
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Carrying strap for the thermal imager
  • Bluetooth® headset (country dependent)
  • Short manual
  • Calibration protocol