testo 400 air flow kit with hot wire probe

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  • Standard-compliant determination of the volume flow in ducts using grid measurements as per EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111
  • Determination of the volume flow at outlets by measuring the reference pressure and entering the manufacturer-specific K-factor
  • Smart, intuitive measurement programs, complete your measurement with full documentation on site at the customer’s premises or carry out further analysis using the testo DataControl measurement data management and analysis software
  • In the kit: testo 400 universal IAQ instrument, hot wire probe (with Bluetooth® handle and telescope), vane probe head (Ø 100 mm), high-precision humidity/temperature probe head, 90° angle, case

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Delivery Scope

  • testo 400 universal IAQ instrument, silicone hoses, mains unit with USB cable, calibration protocol, instruction manual (0560 0400)
  • Hot wire probe with Bluetooth® including temperature and humidity sensor (consisting of hot wire probe head, handle adapter and Bluetooth® handle), 4 x AA batteries, telescope (can be extended up to 1.0 m) and calibration protocol (0635 1571)
  • Vane probe head (Ø 100 mm) including temperature sensor, bracket for testovent measurement funnel and calibration protocol (0635 9430)
  • High-precision humidity/temperature probe head including calibration protocol (0636 9770)
    Please do not use the probe head in condensing atmospheres. For continuous application in high-humidity ranges
    > 80% RH at ≤ 30 °C for > 12 h
    > 60% RH at > 30 °C for > 12 h
    please get in touch with Testo Service or contact us via the Testo website
  • 90° angle for connecting vane probes (Ø 100 mm) (0554 0991)
  • Transport case for air flow measurements (0516 1400)