Temperature sensors THTL

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  • Engineered for installation in a pipe, the integrated design provides the optimal solution to this type of measurement
  • The sensor can be exchanged without opening the process, providing high equipment availability and minimizing hygienic risks
  • Safe hygienic operation: Wetted parts are made from high-grade stainless steel, hygienically-graded surface finish, and a design with minimum of dead space
  • Rugged: Connection housing is easy to clean and splash water proof
  • Very good long-term stability, accuracy and linearity
  • Quick response time
  • Optimal solutions for individual requirements due to versatile configurability


Designed as an in-line thermometer, the THTL temperature sensor is the preferred solution for hygienic temperature measurement in pipes. Typical applications are in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industries. The THTL has an in-line housing that is fitted into the pipe. The Pt100 sensor is located inside a thermowell that is placed in the medium flow. It can easily and quickly be replaced for maintenance or calibration. This ensures safe hygienic operation.

The design of the wetted parts made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel complies with hygienic standards and enables quick response times.

The THTL is well suited for CIP and SIP processes. This enables safe hygienic operation in conjunction with optimized equipment availability.

Besides its direct electrical connection to the Pt100 element, the THTL is available with an integrated transmitter with 4 mA … 20 mA output signal.

At a glance
  • Pt100, accuracy class A (IEC 60751)
  • Measuring ranges –50 °C … +150 °C and –50 °C … +250 °C
  • In-line housing for orbital welding in pipe
  • Sensor probe spring-loaded in protective pipe
  • Wetted parts: corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L/1.4435, Ra ≤ 0.8 µm
  • Pt100 (4-conductor) or 4 mA … 20 mA (2-conductor)
  • M12 round connector x 1

    Technical data overview

    Measuring range –50 °C +150 °C

    –50 °C +250 °C

    Accuracy of sensor element Class A according to IEC 60751 1)
    Accuracy of the opt. measuring transducer ± 0,25 K
    Signal outputs and maximum ohmic load RA Pt100, 4-wire, 4 mA … 20 mA, 2-wire (RA ≤ (L+ – 10 V) / 0.023 A [Ohm])
    Electrical connection M12 round connector x 1, 4-pin
    • 1) Class B (measuring range –50 ° C … –30 ° C).