The SLG-2 is an automation light grid for various detection and measuring tasks. It features two optics variants: One with frontal and one with side light emission. They allow for the narrow light grid housing to be integrated into almost any application. The SLG-2 has no blind zone and is available with detection heights from 100 mm to 2,400 mm. Thanks to the 9x cross-beam function, the light grid achieves very high resolution and reliably detects even very thin objects. Smart Tasks and the powerful IO-Link COM3 interface make processing of measurement data in the device possible. The detailed diagnostic information of the SLG-2 can be used for condition-based device maintenance.


At a glance
  • Housing dimensions: 12 mm x 24 mm, detection heights: 100 mm to 2,400 mm
  • Slim and flat housing variants
  • Cross-beam function: Up to 9 beams
  • Short response times due to its own light grid ASIC
  • Detection, classification and measurement functions as well as Smart Tasks
  • Detailed diagnostic information
  • IO-Link COM3 interface