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Product Model: SKY6000-M4

SKY6000-M4 is a kind of portable gas detector with high efficiency, rapid and accurate detection. With miniature vacuum pump, efficient filtration device, the sensor signal remains stable and reliable even in harsh environments. With flashlight lighting function, the operation in mining environment or confined space is more convenient.

3.5-inch large screen display, beautiful appearance, independent patent structure design With a 3.5-inch high-definition color screen, 150 degrees wide viewing angle.
The air inlet is equipped with a dustproof filter as a standard. It can be applied to the humid and dusty monitoring environment. The novel air chamber structure makes the detection faster and obtains the relevant structural design patent.
Flashlight function, fall alarm function
The flashlight function illuminates the darkness for certain workplaces, making downhole operations easier; optional fall alarm function make sure greater safety for underground workers
Multi-gas test, display mode can be switched
The instrument can simultaneously detect up to 1-5 gases
Gas concentration data display, gas concentration real-time curve display mode can be switched easily
Flexible and adjustable pump delivery system, multi-layer filter
Built-in gas sampling pump, the pump’s flow rate is adjustable in ten speeds, which can be customized for different detection environments. The instrument has three layers of filtering devices to efficiently filter oil, water, dust and other impurities. Even in the most demanding industrial environment,test results can still be trusted
Mini vacuum suction pump with stable flow, long life and low noise
Standard storage function, can store 10,0000 sets records,history data can be views on instrument and download to computer
Gas display units can be switched freely, the concentration value is automatically converted by the system
Chinese and English language
With timed shutdown function, intelligent settings
Sensor overload automatic protection function
With Micro-USB charging interface design, can be charged anytime, anywhere with common data lines and mobile power
Optional fall alarm function to ensure the safety of underground workers
Optional external portable Bluetooth printer which can realize mobile printing
One-click screen capture function, save test data and curve in picture form
Built-in wireless communication module, users can view detection data on the computer web and mobile phone, can realize real-time viewing and monitoring of test data on small programs for security control (optional)
Optional 360-degree bending and non-deformable suction probe, detachable, longer than 130mm
The suction probe adopts double-layer pipeline with PTFE layer inside, which does not adsorb any gas. Plus spring protection layer
Application: Industrial Hygiene,Oil & Gas,Benzene-Specific Measurements,Environmental Testing,Fire & Hazmat,Paints, Adhesives & Printing,Degreasers,Heat Transfer Fluids,Industrial Solvents,Pulp Mills
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Situation: Furniture, wallpaper, coating, papermaking, pharmacy, health care, disinfection, chemical fertilizer, livestock farm, green household,  agricultural production.


Detecting gas CO,H2S,O2,EX or can detect any of other 4 gases,
 Measure range 0~1、10、100、1000、5000、50000、100000 PPM;0-100%LEL;0-10%、20%、50%、99.999%、100%Vol(Measure range is optional and customerized)
Precision ≤±2%F.S. (higher precision is available)
Zero shift ≤±1%(F.S./year)
Principles Combustible: catalytic combustion principle or infrared principle; oxygen: electrochemical principle or zirconia principle; toxic: electrochemical principle; CO2: infrared principle; VOC: PID photo ion principle; CH4: catalytic combustion principle or infrared principle; He: thermal conductivity Principle, temperature and humidity sensors, pressure sensors (optional) (other principles of the sensor can be customized)
Resolution 0.001 PPM(0-1 PPM);0.01 PPM or 0.001 PPM(0~10 PPM);0.1 PPM or 0.01 PPM(0~100 PPM);1 PPM or 0.1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);
1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);0.01mg/L(0~200%mg/L);0.1%LEL(0-100%LEL);0.01%(0-100%VOL)
Temperature & Humidity -20°C~+50°C (Optional flue gas sampling probe, which can detect up to 1200°C)
0-95%RH (non-condensing)
Explosion-Proof ExiaⅡCT4
Sampling Built-in pumping sampling, selected high-quality micro pump, low noise, low vibration, stable suction
Alarm Buzzer, light and alarm status prompt on the display, low battery alarm
Battery 3800mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Dimensions 170*75*41mm (H x W x D) (without probe and filter)
Weight 400g
Approval CE, CNEX explosion proof certificate, CMC(China Metrology Certification)
Warranty 12 month