Your Benefits

  • You can implement Industry 4.0 requirements such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance through the collection of additional sensor data in the servo motor.
  • Increase the availability of your machine with reliable condition monitoring and targeted maintenance
  • You can minimize the time and money needed for development thanks to the existing HIPERFACE DSL® infrastructure in servo controllers.
  • The synchronous detection of position and vibration data increases the forecast accuracy of when a component will fail.
  • Additional cabling is not required.



With the sHub® sensor hub, servo motors can be used as a source of data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of the machine. The data is collected in the motor and transmitted to the control using the HIPERFACE DSL®. Monitoring occurs in real time. It is therefore possible for the maintenance staff to react in a timely manner and intervene in machine processes, e.g. if servo motors are imbalanced. sHub provides additional sensor data such as vibration for intelligent servo drive systems, therefore increasing the efficiency and reliability of machines.


At a glance
  • Sensor hub with a maximum of 2 inputs for external sensors
  • The sensor data is integrated in to the motion control system via HIPERFACE DSL®.
  • Collection of vibration, temperature, speed, position and service life histogram of the servo motor (combined with EDS/EDM35)