Particle counter PC 400 – stationary solution according to ISO 8573

The highly precise optical particle counter PC 400 measures particles from a size of 0.1 µm and is therefore suitable for monitoring of the compressed air quality class 1 (ISO 8573). The correct function the filtration elements mounted in the compressed air is monitored and possible filter perforations are recognized immediately. The compressed air flow through the particle counter is automatically supervised.

Stationary solution in combination with DS 400

  • PC 400 particle counter up to 0.1 µm for compressed air and gases incl. pressure reducer
  • Connection cable 5 m
  • DS 400 chart recorder with graphic display and touch screen operation
  • Option: Integrated data logger for 100 million measured values
  • Option: Integrated ethernet and RS 485 interface
  • CS Soft Basic – data evaluation in graphic and table form – reading out of the measured data via USB or Ethernet
  • Alternative version to PC 400 up to 0.1 µm: PC 400 paticle counter up to 0.3 µm for compressed air and gases incl. pressure reducer

Our stationary particle counter PC 400 is suitable for the following gases:

✓ air / compressed air ✓ argon (Ar)
✓ nitrogen (N2) ✓ oxygen (O2)