Magnetic proximity sensors MM

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  • Non-contact operation eliminates interference from dirt, dust and vibrations, increasing sensor life and reducing maintenance costs
  • Space-saving installation due to small design
  • Large operating ranges with reliable switching increase throughput
  • Non-contact, universal detection through several substances, including plastic containers and pipes protective PTFE walls and non-magnetic metal walls


MM magnetic proximity sensors provide long sensing ranges that can reliably detect magnetic objects. Magnetic proximity sensors are resistant to dust, heat, vibrations and other harsh environments. The MM magnetic sensors are enclosed in a cylindrical housing and are available in sizes MM08, MM12 and MM18.

At a glance
  • Types: M8 to M18
  • Sensing range: up to 120 mm
  • Electrical configuration: DC 3-wire
  • Enclosure rating: IP 67
  • Temperature range: –25 °C to +75 °C
  • Nickel-plated brass housing; plastic sensing face
  • Reliable detection of permanent magnets through non-ferromagnetic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood
  • Solves high-temperature applications by installing the permanent magnet in the high-temperature area and the sensor behind an insulated area

Technical data overview

Housing Cylindrical thread design
Thread size M8 x 1

M12 x 1

M18 x 1

Sensing range Sn 45 mm … 120 mm
Magnetic field sensitivity, min. ≤ 0.3 mT … ≤ 1 mT
Housing material Nickel-plated brass / V4A
Enclosure rating IP67
Connection Connector M8, 3-pin / Cable, 3-wire / cable with AMP male connector, 3-pin / male connector M12, 4-pin