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Your Benefits

  • Simple sensitivity adjustment via teach-in for optimum adaptation to the application
  • Long sensing distance tolerance leads to less mechanical height adjustments of the sensor on the machine
  • Using IO-Link, the sensor can be configured and monitored by the central control system, enabling simple, cost-effective diagnostics and data collection
  • Bar graph display provides continual process control through easy visualization of the luminescence intensity
  • Filters ensure that background luminescence is reliably suppressed, ensuring greater process reliability
  • Interchangeable lenses for different sensing distances and the second light exit provide flexibility
  • High detection reliability ensures the process and reduces downtime
  • Select speed or high resolution, making it ideal for any application.



The LUT9 luminescence sensor offers a long sensing distance and remote monitoring capabilities via IO-Link.

With a sensing distance of up to 250 mm, the LUT9 sets a new standard for luminescence sensors. Due to the long distances possible between the sensor and the object, marks on lumber with varying thicknesses, for example, can be reliably detected without mechanical adjustment of the sensors. In addition, the teach function and manual fine adjustment allow for maximum process reliability. The LUT9 version with IO-Link can actively be integrated into the machine control logic, configured/monitored from the controller, and used for process data collection. Especially helpful is a bar graph display on the device indicating the luminescence intensity.


At a glance
  • Simple teach-in
  • Operating range up to 250 mm
  • Version with IO-Link for remote monitoring
  • Bar graph display provides information about the luminescence intensity
  • High speed (6.5 kHz), standard (2.5 kHz), high resolution (500 Hz) models
  • Additional optical filters suppress background luminescence
  • Fiber-optic cable connection (with 20 mm lens)
  • Switching and analog output