KTM Core

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Your Benefits

  • Small housing allows installation even where space is limited
  • Powerful, fast contrast sensor ensures high machine throughput
  • Good contrast resolution and a very large dynamic range ensure good detection performance on glossy materials, thus increasing the range of application possibilities
  • Quick and easy configuration



Top performance for universal, space-saving use in the packaging industry: The new KTM core contrast sensor from SICK features a high grayscale resolution and is integrated into a small, tried-and-tested housing. The optimized OES4 ASIC technology and a response time of 50 µs ensure reliable and accurate detection of contrast marks, even on glossy materials. The easy adjustment method ensures greater flexibility during commissioning. The KTM reliably detects marks even in conditions with weak contrast ratios and is therefore ideal for use in a wide range of applications.


At a glance
  • Small, tried-and tested housing
  • High grayscale resolution
  • Very large dynamic range means reliable detection of contrasts on glossy materials
  • Switching frequency: 10 kHz
  • White light