Inductive proximity sensors SAM

Category Tag
  • Speed-independent detection of speed changes
  • Faster detection of speed changes than conventional speed monitors
  • No readjustment after speed changes necessary
  • Precise and convenient configuration via software
  • IO-Link provides easy data access from the PLC
  • No time-consuming, individual configuration of start-up delay feature necessary
  • Reliable output signal thanks to adjustable speed thresholds (hysteresis)
  • No expensive counter cards necessary in PLC


The SAM sensor is the simple and intelligent way of speed monitoring with an additional IO-Link interface. SAM can be used as a classic speed monitor or innovative acceleration monitor with a revolutionary speed-independent monitoring function. It checks if an adjustable speed or acceleration threshold is crossed and provides a switching signal. SAM is setting new standards and revolutionizing commissioning tasks and fields of application thanks to its fast response time, monitored range of up to 12,000 pulses per minute and intelligent start-up delay.

At a glance
  • Types: M18 and M30
  • Sensing ranges: up to 10 mm flush
  • Speed and acceleration monitoring
  • Monitoring range: 6 to 12,000 pulses/min. and 0.1 to 2 pulses/sec.²
  • Switching and pulse output
  • Intelligent start-up delay
  • Speed monitoring can be flexibly configured via two thresholds
  • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, extended diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link

Technical data overview

Housing Cylindrical thread design
Thread size M18 x 1

M30 x 1.5

Diameter Ø 18 mm / Ø 30 mm
Sensing range Sn 7 mm / 10 mm
Housing material Brass
Enclosure rating IP67