Inductive proximity sensors IMI

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  • Very long service life due to closed stainless-steel housing, resistance to oils, cooling lubricants and cleaning products
  • Large sensing ranges and IO-Link for stable processes and high plant availability
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to visual adjustment indicator and self-locking nuts
  • Flexible and cost-optimized implementation of application solutions.thanks to large product portfolio
  • Easy implementation of special customer-specific variants


In contrast to conventional proximity sensors, whose sensing face consists of plastic, the IMI inductive proximity sensors have a closed housing made completely of stainless steel. This feature makes the IMI ideal for use in challenging applications with mechanical and chemical loads, for instance shocks, quick temperature changes, daily cleaning with aggressive media, the effect of cooling lubricants. In addition, the IMI offers large sensing ranges and IO-Link communication. This ensure process stability and high plant availability as well as flexible and cost-optimized implementation of application solutions.

At a glance
  • Types: M8 to M30
  • Large sensing ranges: 2 mm to 40 mm
  • Enclosure rating: IP68, IP69K
  • Temperature range: –25 °C to +85 °C
  • Option of rugged housing or housing suitable for the food industry made completely out of stainless steel
  • IO-Link and visual adjustment indicator
  • Resistant against oils, cooling lubricants and cleaning products

Technical data overview

Housing Cylindrical thread design
Thread size M8 x 1

M12 x 1

M18 x 1

M30 x 1.5

Diameter Ø 8 mm … Ø 30 mm
Sensing range Sn 2 mm … 40 mm
Housing material Stainless steel V2A / Stainless steel V4A
Enclosure rating IP68, IP69K