Your Benefits

  • Reliable object detection throughout the entire sensing range ensures consistent and reliable operation
  • High availability thanks to its ability to detect very flat objects
  • The quick response time of the HLG allows the customer to use higher conveyor speeds
  • Cable synchronization makes for very high availability
  • The highest measurement resolution for the detection of very small objects on the conveying belt enables error-free operation in edge detection applications or when counting small objects.



The high-resolution HLG light grid from SICK is the ideal solution for all applications where flat objects on a conveying system are to be reliably detected. This is possible due to a consistent resolution of 2 mm over the entire detection zone, a very low switching hysteresis and a very fast response time of only 3 ms. The HLG offers perfect detection solutions, e.g. in fast mail sorting systems, in packaging machines with high throughput, when counting small parts or detecting leading edges in logistics.


At a glance
  • 2 mm resolution
  • Response time 3 ms
  • Detection height 50 mm
  • Cable synchronization
  • PNP or NPN with Q or Qnot outputs (NO/NC)
  • 1 x test, 1 x teach-in input
  • M12 male connector, 8-pin