Digital Viscometer VISCO™

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VISCO is a portable and compact size
Can be powered by battery which makes it possible to measure anywhere anytime.
VISCO is a digital display which makes it possible for anyone to see easily.
Only small volume of sample is required to measure.
From setting up the VISCO to measurement, it can be done with one hand and only have to deal with one button to operate.
Can be measured using disposable cup.(package A)
For a low viscosity sample, there is a low viscosity sample adapter which make it possible to measure from 1 – 2,000 mPa・S.(package B)

Model VISCO™
Cat.No. 6800
Measurement item Viscosity / Kinematic Viscosity・Temperature・Torque%
Range Viscosity / Kinematic Viscosity:
A1 50 to 16,000,000mPa・s / 50 to 16,000,000cP
A2 100 to 37,000,000mPa・s / 100 to 37,000,000cP
A3 500 to 99,999,999mPa・s / 500 to 99,999,999cP
UL 1~2,000mPa・s
Torque:0.0 to 100.0% (recommended torque: 10.0 to 100.0%)
Temperature:0.0 to 100.0℃/32.0 to 212.0°F
Speed 0.01 to 250rpm
Number of Speeds: 28
Resolution Viscosity / Kinematic Viscosity:
Lower than 100mPa・s:0.01mPa・s
100mPa・s or higher lower than 10,000mPa・s:0.1mPa・s
10,000mPa・s or higher:1mPa・s
Lower than 10.0%:0.01%
10.0% or higher:0.1%
Accuracy Viscosity / Kinematic Viscosity : ±1% of Maximum Viscosity
Temperature: ±0.2℃、±0.4°F
Power Supply ・LR6 / AA alkaline batteries (x4)
・AC adapter
Computer Communication Output: USB – PC
Dimensions & Weight Main unit:120(W)x120(D)x200.6(H)mm/1.2kg