Coolant Refractometer PAL-88S

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The “Pocket” Propylene Glycol Refractometers, PAL-88S easily measures Propylene Glycol solutions and display the results digitally. The freezing point of the sample can also be measured and displayed.

Model PAL-88S
Cat.No. 4488
Scale Concentration of Propylene Glycol (V/V)
Freezing point (゚C)
Range Concentration of P.G:
0.0 to 90.0% (V/V)
Freezing point: 0 to -50゚C
Resolution Concentration of Propylene Glycol : 0.2% (V/V)
Freezing point of Propylene Glycol : 1゚C
Temperature : 0.1゚C
Accuracy Concentration : ±0.4% (V/V)
Freezing point: ±1゚C
Temperature compensation 10 to 40゚C
Common Specification
Sample Volume 2 to 3 drops
Measurement Time About 3 seconds
Power Supply 2 × AAA Batteries
International Protection Class IP65 Water resistant
Dimensions & Weight 5.5 × 3.1 × 10.9cm 100g (main unit only)