Class 2 Sound Level Meter ST-21D | Scarlet Tech

ST-21D Sound Level Meters fully comply with the latest Class 2 IEC 61672:2013 standard. Advanced integrating algorithms designed to withstand industrial conditions.

Equates continuous sound level and sound exposure after choosing a time period, an ideal tool for occupational noise measurements, such as those required by the Controls of Noise at Work Regulations or OSHA Occupational Noise standards. At the front line, ensure the protection of hearing and occupational safety for employees.

Data Sheet

Model ST-21D
Fulfils Standard IEC 61672:2013 Class 2
Dimensions 310×72×32 mm
Normal frequency 20 Hz~12.5 kHz
Measurement range 28~133 dB
Measurement Level Z(FLAT): 38 ~ 130dB / C peak: 145dB / Z(FLAT): peak: 145dB
Main Parameters of Measurement LFp, LSp, LIp, Leq,t, Lpeak, Leq,T, LFmax, LFmin, LSmax, LSmin, LImax, LImin, SEL, Lex8h, LAVG, TWA, DOSE, Ln1, Ln2, Ln3, Ln4, Ln5, SD,Ts, Tm, Volt, E.
Display 128×64 OLED
Weight 0.4kg
Application Sound level meter/ Noise Dosimeter/Data logging & Precision recording(Opt)
Power Supply battery 4×AAA or external power supply