Automatic Polarimeter / Saccharimeter SAC-i

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Here at last – the product of our uncompromising pursuit of ultimate usability.

• FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Software Included in Standard Delivery
• Measurement stability in 12 seconds (4 seconds in the high-speed & consecutive measurement mode)
• Resolution of up to 3 decimal places
• Repeatability of ±0.003° Angle of Rotation and ±0.009°Z
• Up to 999 automatic consecutive measurements followed by average value display
• Sleep & timer feature to take measurement later at specified time
• Improved usability with the use of touch screen technology
• Connectivity to RX Digital Refractometers for automatic purity measurement

Model SAC-i
Cat.No. 5951
Range Angle of Rotation -89.9999 to +90.0000° or -360.0000 to +360.0000°
International Sugar Scale -259.0000 to +259.0000°
Resolution Angle of Rotation 0.0001° International Sugar Scale 0.0001°Z
Accuracy ①Angle of Rotation:
±0.002° (-5.0 to +5.0°)
±0.005° (-45.0 to -5.0°, +5.0 to +45.0°)
②International Sugar Scale:±0.015°Z (-130.0 to +130.0°Z)
Other ranges
①Angle of Rotation:±0.010°
②International Sugar Scale:±0.030°Z
* Checked by reading a standard quartz plate
Temperature correction range for ISS 10 to 40℃
Measurement Wavelength 589nm (equivalent to the sodium-D line spectrum)
Dimensions & Weight 60×36.5×21cm, 20.0kg
Included Accessories PolariSoft(Software)